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Barcelona’s art scene is buzzing. With new contemporary galleries and creative spaces for art exhibitions popping up all the time, there’s always something new for art lovers in Barcelona. Here’s our pick of the best new spaces in the city. 

Bombon Art Project

(Carrer Trafalgar 45, 08010 Barcelona)

This contemporary art gallery was founded by experienced artist Bernat Davi and art historian Joana Roda. Their approach is to cultivate a wild and uninhibited approach to art, always with a touch of humour added into the mix.

To avoid the weight of the term ‘gallery’ they decided on the name ‘Bombon Projects’, something that avoids strict categorisation and gives them a certain freedom to showcase the projects they want.

Every exhibition has a unique feel. From conceptual modern art meditations on death and decay to transformative stand-up comedy with seating-as-art, Bombon Projects bring art experiences to challenge, excite and inspire.


(Carrer de Verntallat 30, 08024 Barcelona)

An area known for its vegan cafes, organic supermarkets and chic fashion shops, Gracia is also teeming with creative spaces. Mecànic, a former car repair garage (hence the name), is the latest to have emerged in the the heart of the neighbourhood. Xènia Gasull and Jean Letellier, from the worlds of design and photography respectively, opened this exhibition space to focus on contemporary photography.

The name isn’t the only thing to hint towards the previous history of the place. Industrial-chic interior detailing gives this space a sparse simplicity. A good wine menu, as well as excellent tea, coffee and sandwiches add a touch of warmth to an unusual art space.


(Carrer d’Espronceda 154, 08018 Barcelona)

NauART is an artistic production space focused on contemporary visual arts. They aim to promote creation, research and artistic dissemination by supporting professional and emerging artists.

Playing host to events, workshops, exhibitions and even coworking, NauArt is a place for anyone and everyone to share, create and collaborate in an alternative creative space.


(Carrer de Muntaner 83C, 08011 Barcelona)

This sophisticated tea lounge does not only offer a huge variety of tea but also a large space where art exhibitions and other artistic activities like workshops, poetry reading or live music take place. All tea (and coffee) lovers are invited!



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Written by Ryan Osborn

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