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Sometimes, all we need is to escape into a good book. There’s nothing quite like whiling away the day lost inside your favourite book, sipping on tea or coffee and watching the world go by. We’ve picked out the best Barcelona bookstore cafes, for the times when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Llibreria Calders

(Passatge de Pere Calders, 9, 08015 Barcelona)

This stylish café is more akin to an actual bookstore. They stock a large selection of many genres in several languages, from classic and contemporary novels to poetry and art books. A serene atmosphere entices visitors to get cosy and stay for hours.


Books & Co

(Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 4, 08002 Barcelona)

As the name implies, this bookstore offers more on the side. As well as a selection of teas and coffee from around the world, they also offer delicious snacks and sumptuous cocktails. Be warned – it’s all too easy to lose yourself in their cosy chairs as well as a good book. You may well find yourself curled up for hours, sipping cocktails and forgetting the world for a while.


Café de Altaïr

(Gran Via, 616, 08007 Barcelona)

A snug little café tucked away inside a huge book store, Café de Altaïr is a charming spot for readers to take a break and indulge. Why wait to get home to dive into your new book? Grab a coffee, take a seat and escape for a while.

Written by Svea Moeller



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