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Without any doubt, in my humble opinion, the enigma of Graffiti Artist Konair is hard to miss.  If you set your self a timer for 5 minutes, you will see that it is impossible to not see the iconic Barcelona character on your journey.

Konair at his very best

Konair is everywhere and anywhere, on the back of cocktail menus, toilet mirrors in bars, street signs, and graffiti-covered trucks. You cannot move without seeing Barcelona’s most prolific Graffiti Artist in some shape or form in the city. 

Little wonder, he has been painting his iconic bite for more than half of his life now and the streets of Barcelona haven’t been “safe” since he first found liberty in putting his stamp on the environment that he describes as controversial and chaotic. I’d argue that these conditions are perfect for a Graffiti Artist.

Konair on an infamous wall in BCN

The bite represents the scars of the human body, something that we all have, either mentally or physically or both. Scars are not something to hide away, but to be proud of. They make us who we are and we should never apologize for that, regardless of what other people think. 

A project with Beyond Street Art

Over the years, the Lollipop (popsicle) has become the object which represents him best and comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s tiny. As big as a thumbnail and other times however it’s huge. It has eyes, arms, legs, it’s on 20 ft walls and race cars, like the Simpsons, Graffiti Artist Konair already did it.

Personally I take great interest in his popsicle. I’ve theorised over its message since I first laid eyes on it. His Instagram description which says “life is melting”. Life is like ice cream, and you can eat it any way you want. 

You can eat it in one go which will more than likely leave you with a sore head. Wow, it tastes great, too good if anything. You can bask in its overpowering flavour a little bit at a time. You can take things slow, but really enjoy the crazy moments that life brings you.

Or you can hold on to it and never enjoy its pleasures. You watch it melt away, all over your hands, which are sticky and will ruin your day. Everyone enjoys it in their own way. There is no right or wrong, just don’t let it melt away in front of your eyes.

Follow Konair on Instagram and visit his work in the Artevistas gallery or even join us on our street art tour.

Written by Jimi Suarez



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