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Learn about the lives of Picasso, Dali and visit the streets and sites that inspired their work

Discover historical Barcelona, the Cathedral, the medieval quarter, the backstreets of El born and lots more.

Expert art hisotry guide

2.5h .   small group size .  drink included

26.00€ / per person


“What a great tour! We saw street art and were given interesting information about what we were seeing. We went saw things that we would have never would have found on our own ” – Amy.W

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Delve into the lives of Picasso and Dall whilst taking in some of the most famous sights of Barcelona. You’ll learn about the artists lives, loves, and the stories behind some of their most groundbreaking masterpieces.

You’ll journey back in time as you follow their footsteps around the city to find out why Picasso spent four years painting in blue, who dali used to visit at the City Zoo, where Cubism really came from, and what the stick figures his giant open air mural are celebrating. 

At the end you’ll head to Base Elements , an urban art gallery housed in an incredibly historic building. You’ll be introduced to art by the city’s “New Picasso” and share a glass of wine or a beer together.

Some of the city highlights on the tour include:

Arc de Triomf

Parc Ciutadella

The Born Cultural Center (Home to 14th century ruins)

Santa Maria del Mar

The Gothic Quarter

Barcelona Cathedral

We recommend you take the tour at the beginning of your trip as  you’ll pass through two of its most emblematic neighbourhoods, learn lots about the city’s history, and receive your local guides wonderful recommendations to help you get the most out of your stay. 


Ciutat Vella (Old Town)

Your tour will take place in Born and The Gothic Quarter. Both neighbourhoods have their own distinct charm. El Born’s medieval streets are lined with the city’s coolest restaurants, shops and beautiful churches. The gothic quarter hails back 2000 years to the Roman times, and is a maze of gothic architecture, twisted streets and hidden alleys. 

Looking for a different date or want to make it a private tour? 

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