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Barcelona has a thriving street art scene where you can find amazing graffiti, urban art and incredible murals around every corner. It’s easy to spend hours getting lost in its colourful streets.

The Tres Ximeneies Urban Park – street artists’ paradise

Address – Carrer de Vila i Vilà 44, 08004 Barcelona

In Poble Sec, the Tres Xemeneies (Three Chimneys) urban park has a big street art scene. Home to a skating community, Tres Xemeneies has a real local and alternative vibe to it. With a number of walls where you can paint legally, all street artists, whether professionals or amateurs are free to paint here at any hour of the day. If you’re lucky you might catch a work of art as it’s being produced.


Base Elements Gallery & Artevistas Gallery

Address – Base Elements Gallery, Carrer del Palau 6, 08002 Barcelona  & Artevistas, Passatge del Credit, 4, 08002 Barcelona

Who would have thought you can also enjoy great street art in galleries? These two amazing venues, located downtown in the Gothic and Born neighbourhoods specialize in showcasing the art of the street.

Here you’ll find works (hanging on the wall for a change!) by some of the best-known street artists out there, such as Konair, El Pez, and El Xupet Negre. As some of them like to stop by the gallery, you might even get a chance to meet the artist behind the works.


Poble Nou – underground street art scene

 Address – Carrer de la Selva de Mar, 08019 Barcelona

Poble Nou is Barcelona’s new up-and-coming neighbourhood. It may be located outside of the city centre, but it’s definitely worth the trip. Lots of small artists’ studios can be found here and the whole neighbourhood has a certain creative vibe. No wonder Poble Nou is considered to be the favourite playground of Barcelona’s top local street artists.

As the area is fairly spread out and some of the artworks aren’t that easy to find, we recommend that you stay on Carrer de la Selva. On this street, you’re sure to pass by so many colourful pieces that you’re guaranteed not to be disappointed!


Huertos of Raval – protest street art

Address – at the corner of Carrer de l’Aurora and Carrer de la Riereta, 08001 Barcelona

This is a cosy little oasis in the midst of Raval’s tangled streets. Public community gardens like this are found in nearly every neighbourhood in Barcelona, but this one is particularly special. You can take a short break and relax in the shade as you admire the amazing murals and paintings on show.


Galería de Magdalena Barcelona – international street art project

Address – Carrer dels Canvis Nous 1, 08003 Barcelona

This is a particularly special place in the Born neighbourhood, called La Galería Magdalena Barcelona. Created by two young architects who wanted to give artists the opportunity to express themselves freely, this project has had already a lot of success in other Spanish cities such as Seville and Valencia. Here, all street artists are invited to add to the whole artwork, which is a beautiful collection of pieces by different artists in a variety of styles.



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Written by Svea Moller

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