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We put together a list for you of our favorite street artists in Barcelona.

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El Xupet Negre

His name means “the black pacifier” in catalan. He came up with this distinctive logo in 1989, and it has been found drawn, painted and pasted all over the city, attracting widespread interest and curiosity since he delved into the world of street art in 1991.

El Pez

He is a world-renowned street artist and proclaimed his style as “happy style” by creating his trade mark, the smiling fish figure. “Pez” means “fish” in spanish. (Fun fact: He was also featured in the street art documentary by Banksy “exit trough the gift “shop.)


He is another representative of the logo street art style. This young artist has made it his mission to conquer the city with his iconic ice cones.


He is well known in the street art scene for his colorful, powerful and expressive Afro
graffitis,mostly depicting female portraits, which have been named ‘Afrocolor’.


Andrea Michaelsson, born in Barcelona, is one of the most exciting female street artists. Her stencil works portraying historic, famous and courageous women are beautiful

Me Lata

This cute artist couple sends love messages to each other written on cans, so everyone in Barcelona can witness their romance.


She is another exciting figure in the female street art scene. Originally from Peru, her artwork is full of symbolism, poetry and mysticism. One can recognize easily her work by her typical color scheme of turquoise and green. 

Art is Trash

aka Francisco de Pajaro is one of the most spontaneous and funniest street artists who is playing around in the streets of Barcelona. He works literally with trash and turns them into little artworks.


“It’s all about bombing art!” You can see his little bombs blowing up all over Barcelona’s downtown area.


He originally started off in the streets of Paris where he created his little “cha”, cat in french. He got extremely active in Barcelona and then moved on to south america where he popularized the European street art style.